Ajay began his national television career on YTV hosting the coveted Saturday morning block CRUNCH.

After two successful years he blasted off to Space where he’s been in orbit for the last 7 years hosting InnerSpace (Weeknights at 6EST).

Along the way he’s made appearances in the web-series, Captain Canuck and Guidestones as well as a cameo on the Space original series Bitten.

He grew up "in the business" as a child actor and appeared on Big Wolf on Campus, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Lassie, and Undressed while lending his voice to the cartoons Little LuLu, Arthur and many more.

Days after his 18th birthday he flew to Beijing to voice the main characters in a series of English language educational videos. In just 30 days he logged more than 200 hours in studio and provided a variety of unique character voices.

More recently, he launched his YouTube series, 5 on Fry. The series acts as a platform for Ajay to offer his take on five topics of interest; TV series, movies, games or current affairs, if it’s popular, Ajay’s got something to say about it.

In his downtime, Ajay likes to game (under the gamertag: AjayFry - how original!) and he's set to be married this fall.